Speaker Series




Dec 14


December 8-12, 2014: Maggie Bertram speaks to approx. 1,000 students during Madison High School’s Mental Wellness Week

Maggie Bertram, a member of the Active Minds Speaker’s Bureau, shared her powerful story of struggling with anxiety and an eating disorder while in college, as she tried to portray the “perfect image” of herself to others. Yet on the inside, she felt lost and only until confronting her mental health disorders and ...

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centreville wellness week


Dec 13


December 2-6, 2013: Mental Wellness Week at Centreville HS & Jordan Burnham Speaks at Both Centreville and Chantilly High Schools

December 2 – 6, 2013 – Centreville High School’s Mental Wellness Week   Mellow Monday: Students watched a “Healthy Living Tips” video Water bottles were distributed before school with “Stress Less Smile More” stickers emphasizing the importance of staying hydrated Mellow music played ...

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Lake braddock gym


Apr 13


April 15-19, 2013: Mental Health Awareness Week At Lake Braddock HS/MS

“47 LB students attempted suicide last year.”  This heart-dropping sentence begins the article, Mental Health Awareness deserves more than a week, in Lake Braddock High School’s paper, written by editor-in-chief, Divya Williams.  This is one of the most head-on, straight-forward articles that we have seen printed ...

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Dec 12


December 11 – 13, 2012: Jordan Burnham speaks to over 4,000 local HS students!

At JAF, our goal is to fund programs in high schools that could’ve impacted Josh and stopped him from making the irrevocable decision to end his life.  We believe that goal was accomplished this week. JAF along with our partner, Safe Community Coalition, brought Active Minds speaker, Jordan Burnham to four high schools (McLean ...

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Apr 12


May 2 – 9, 2012 – South Lakes HS Mental Wellness Week

Students, counseling staff and administration collaborated on and implemented an entire week of programs to educate students on mental health issues.  Each day had a theme and targeted activities. Monday: “Welcome to Mental Wellness Week” –  Students wrote something that they liked about themselves/what they would ...

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