Media Coverage

“Foundation Prepares to Promote Mental Health: Josh Anderson Foundation to sponsor events across county for mental health and depression awareness” by Alex McVeigh

“Burnham Shares Inspirational Story” by Ellen Kan

“Suicide Survivor Speaks to Teens About Prevention and Mental Health” by Peggy Fox

“Herndon Middle School Stomps Out Bullying” by Leslie Perales Loges

“Safe Community Coalition Honors Partners” by Alex McVeigh

“Seeking the Positive From the Tragic” by Amiee Freeman

“JAF Sponsors Speaker During Mental Wellness Week“ by Grace Erard

“Helping Students Deal With Stress: ‘Stress Less, Laugh More’ campaign comes to South Lakes, other area schools” by Alex McVeigh

“Nowhere to Turn” by Yaasmin Gourdarzi