Past Programs

Josh Anderson Foundation’s mission is to provide adolescents with mental health education, resources and support so they never turn to suicide. Between 2012-2016, JAF provided this support to 48 schools and over 80,000 students through in-school and community events ranging from Stress Less, Laugh More campaigns to Yoga & Mindfulness sessions.

In early 2016, JAF realized the opportunity to further the scope of mental health promotion and deepen its impact on student’s mental wellness through the development of our minds matter (OMM). For a look into JAF’s past programs, explore below.

Stress Less, Laugh More Campaign

This week long program aims to promote positive mental health and stress-relieving behaviors. It serves to educate, engage and aid students in learning how to proactively deal with stress and anxiety.

Goals: provide coping strategies for students to effectively deal with stress; reduce the stigma surrounding mental health issues; get the clinical team and counselors in front of students and provide them with resources

Mental Health Awareness Week

This week long program aims to raise student, faculty and parent awareness about depression, anxiety and other mental health issues through daily activities and events such as speakers, PSAs, workshops, and games that promote healthy living.

Goals: improve student understanding of mental illness; reduce stigma surrounding mental health issues; foster an ongoing dialogue among students, faculty and peers about mental health issues (warning signs and treatment options) and the importance of mental well-being

Speaker Series

Recommended speakers will come to school communities to share their personal experiences with mental issues. They can speak to the entire student body in an assembly setting and in the evening to parents. They may answer questions and stay after for personal follow-up with the audience.

Goals: to educate students, faculty and the school community on mental health and reduce the stigma surrounding mental health issues


JAF works with trained yoga and mindfulness instructors to bring these mind-body practices to students and staff. Yoga and mindfulness have been proven to reduce stress and improve mood in teens.

Goals: to provide students and staff with coping skills to better manage stress and difficult emotions

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Josh Anderson Foundation is now Our Minds Matter.
Let's end teen suicide together!

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